Artist's Gallery

These are the members of the Muddy Waters Clay Center. They are each artists in their own right and positively committed to pottery and art in the community.


Sandy Aarnes-Johnson
Pirjo Berg
Corey Birkholz
Margaret Bjornson-Holm
Al Boucher
Toni Brown
Brenda Cole
Mary Dietz
Skip Haag
Jim Hand
Nick Jensen
Warren Jensen
Martha Keifenheim
Loren Liepold
Lynn Liepold
Beth McDougall
Maribeth McGovern
Vicki Morrisette
Natalie Muth
Karla Nelson
Jerry Quam
Elizabeth (Betsy) Scharf
Deb Sumner
Jason Swope
John Thode
Deb Thompson
Megan Tretter
Kurt Wensmann
Dianne Paulsen

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